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As a senior manager in senior housing, you’ve got a lot on your plate: Improve operations. Boost revenue. Build your team. Find efficiencies. Expand. Sell. At M+M Healthcare, we get it. Because we’ve been there. And we’re here to help.

Right-sized assistance. Right when you need it. There’s a good chance you don’t have the time, resources or in-house expertise to do all those things. Who does? What you really need is some help shouldering critical projects for the time it takes to get them done. Outsourcing them to a tactical team of experienced industry experts gets you that short-term help at a fraction of the cost of hiring. And you get on-demand intelligence, contributors you can count on, and immediate, bottom-line impact. We’re those experts.

Unmatched experience. Strategic thinking. We’re management consultants who specialize in senior housing. It’s all we do. Together we have nearly 30 years of hands-on experience managing facilities across the U.S. From national, publicly traded corporations to proprietary assisted living, independent and continuing care retirement communities. We know the challenges. We see them on a broad scale every day. And no one is better positioned to help you think and act strategically in facing yours.


What we’ve learned in 30 years of designing and operating senior housing facilities is that what works today may not work a decade down that line. Too many owners design for immediate need and wind up disappointed in their facility’s competitiveness and operational efficiency in the end. At M+M Healthcare, we want to help you design and build without regret.
Increasing your census and keeping sales on an upward trend is a tough task, especially when you’re relying on facility staff or an ad agency to do the heavy lifting. Becoming more profitable means prioritizing sales every day and taking a strategic approach to marketing. M+M Healthcare can help.
Senior housing is a complicated business. But if you’re a developer or new owner, you already know that. What you may not know, though, is what all it takes to get the most net operating income out of your new asset or how to position it for sale. We do.
Is your property falling behind the competition when it comes to operations and efficiency? Are you struggling to increase revenue? Having a hard time attracting a sought-after Director? Maybe you’re getting threatening signals from the Department of Health. If so, you need immediate expertise to bring operations up to snuff, improve your reputation and drive up perceived value. You need M+M Healthcare.
Having a difficult time finding qualified and well-trained managers? It’s a common problem in senior housing, and the process can be expensive and time-consuming when you have so many other challenges and responsibilities.