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The calculated way to transform your team.

Having a difficult time finding qualified and well-trained managers? It’s a common problem in senior housing, and the process can be expensive and time-consuming when you have so many other challenges and responsibilities.

At M+M Healthcare, our HR experts can help you put proven strategies in place to evaluate, on-board, educate and motivate your line staff, managers and regional staff.  And it’s not a crisis fix. It’s a calculated, long-term approach that delivers transformational results.

M+M clients have cut agency costs, attracted more viable candidates, reduced turnover, increased employee skill, improved performance, and improved employee and resident satisfaction all at the same time. And you can, too. Contact us today to learn how.

Organizational Development Services

  • Competitive analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Recruitment
  • Career ladder development
  • Human Resources assistance
  • Education
  • Training